Best Cheap Pre Workout Supplements 2020 – Buyers Guide

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Best Cheap Pre Workout Supplements

Many people find it difficult to complete their workout with the same energy as they had when they started the workout. They start feeling lethargic and tired during the workout.

Pre-workout supplements may improve your energy during workouts. They are the best supplements to give you that energy boost and endurance you need to complete your workouts with ease.

Each pre-workout has its own benefits or functions. Some pre-workout may improve energy, some may improve endurance and some may improve muscle pump.

So, before buying a pre-workout, it is important for you to decide what is your goal and how much could you spend on a pre-workout. There are pre-workouts which would cost you a hefty amount around $60 and there are some which would cost you only $15.

This Best cheap pre-workout supplements guide is for those who are searching for the best affordable pre-workout supplements to improve physical performance. I’ve included only 6 best cheap pre-workout supplements under $20 and frequently asked questions about pre-workout supplements in this guide.

Note: This page contains an affiliate link. If you purchase a supplement through this link I may earn a small commission and this is at no extra cost to you.

Top 6 Best Cheap Pre Workout Supplements

#1 Mr Hyde Nitrox Pre-Workout


Mr Hyde NitroX Pre Workout


Mr Hyde is a pre-workout by ProSupps, a company popular for its pre-workouts. Currently, Mr Hyde is one of the strongest pre-workouts available in the supplement industry and it is the most effective among all in this list. It improves your overall physical performance in the gym by increasing your energy and endurance.

Ideal for: This pre-workout is not for everyone, it is only for those who want an insane energy boost during a workout and who have high caffeine tolerance. It has around 400mg of caffeine which is equal to 4 cups of coffee, which is way too much for a beginner.

Price: The current price of 30 servings container is around $21 and one serving of Mr hyde nitrox pre-workout would cost you only 70-80 cents.


  • Niacin (25mg)
  • Strength Matrix (4.5g), which contains Beta-alanine ( 2.5g), Creatine HCL (1g), Arginine Silicate (500mg), L-Citrulline (500mg).
  • Caffeine Matrix (420mg), which contains Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg), Di-Caffeine Malate (70mg), and Caffeine Citric Blend (50mg).
  • Intensity Matrix, which contains Choline Bitartrate (500mg), Theanine (50mg), Tyrosine (50mg), Theacrine (25mg), GABA (25mg) and Yohimbe (3mg)


  • Long-lasting energy and increased endurance
  • Enhanced strength
  • Improved muscle pump


  • Caffeine is not easy to tolerate for some
  • No BCAAs

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#2 Muscletech Vapor X5 Pre Workout


Muscletech Vapor X5 Pre Workout


Muscletech is a big name in the supplement industry, they have been a leading supplements provider for a long time. Vapor X5 Next Gen is one of their high-quality pre-workout supplement and it is one of the cheapest pre-workout in the market. It has few key ingredients including Beta-alanine, creatine, nitrosigine and taurine to improve your energy, endurance, power and focus during a workout.

Ideal for: This pre-workout is for those who want an easy to tolerate pre-workout with no or very minimal side effects. It also has creatine, which many people want to have in a pre-workout.

Price: The current price of 30 servings container is $19.93 and one serving of Muscletech vapor X5 pre-workout would cost you around 65 cents. It is one of the best affordable pre-workout available in the supplement industry.


  • Calories (15), Niacin (15mg) and Sodium (10mg).
  • Musclebuilding Matrix, which contains Creatine (1.5gm) and Betaine Anhydrous (1.25g).
  • Performance & Endurance Compound, which contains Beta-alanine (1.6g) and Taurine (500mg).
  • Pump Matrix, which contains Nitrosigine (750mg) and Hawthorn extract (200mg).
  • Explosive Energy Matrix, which contains Caffeine (190mg) and Choline bitartrate (100mg).
  • Neurosensory Blend, which contains L-theanine (62.5mg), Galangal extract (25mg) and Yohimbe extract (20mg).


  • Improve endurance and focus
  • Solid dose of caffeine to provide decent energy
  • Intense muscle pumps


  • The dosage of few ingredients are on the lower side
  • Contains artificial flavor and sweeteners

#3 Musclepharm Assault Pre Workout


Musclepharm Assault Pre Workout


Assault is a pre-workout by Musclepharm, a company founded in 2006 and based in the United States. It has been launched again with few changes and now it has 3 grams of creatine and 1.75 grams of beta-alanine. The price you are paying to buy it is quite less if you compare it with its benefits. It delivers enhanced energy, endurance and focus during a workout.

Ideal for: Athletes who want an instant boost in energy and strength.

Price: The price of 30 servings container is $18.99 and one serving of Musclepharm assault pre-workout would cost you around 63 cents.


  • Vitamin C (500%), Vitamin E (133%), Vitamin B6 (1000%) and Vitamin B12 (833%)
  • Strength & Performance, which contains Creatine (3g), Beta-alanine (1.75g) and Betaine Anhydrous (1.5g).
  • Muscle Fuel, which contains Taurine (1g) and L-Glycine (1g).
  • Energy & Focus, which contains Caffeine (250mg) and Acetyl-L-Carnitine (250mg).


  • High in vitamins
  • Good amount of caffeine, beta-alanine and taurine
  • Best affordable pre-workout


  • The caffeine may not be easy to tolerate for some people who are sensitive to caffeine
  • Uses artificial flavors

#4 ON Gold Standard Pre Workout


ON Gold Standard Pre Workout


Gold Standard Pre Workout is made by Optimum Nutrition (ON). Optimum Nutrition doesn’t need an introduction because they have in the business for a long time and have delivered a few effective supplements, one of them is Gold Standard Whey Protein. ON Gold Standard Pre Workout has not many ingredients, but it contains all those key ingredients to provide you long-lasting energy and endurance.

Ideal for: This pre-workout is for athletes who are sensitive to stimulants, but still wants to try something to enhance the energy, endurance and focus during workouts.

Price: The price of 30 servings container is $15.59 and one serving of ON gold standard pre-workout would cost you only 50 cents. It is the best cheapest pre-workout available in the market.


  • Calories (10), Carbohydrates (2g), Vitamin D (125%), Thiamin (133%), Niacin (100%), Vitamin B6 (100%), Folic Acid (50%), Vitamin B12 (167%) and Pantothenic Acid (100%)
  • Muscle Matrix, which contains Creatine (3g) and AstraGIN Proprietary Blend (25mg)
  • Performance Composite, which contains Beta-alanine (1.5g) and L-citrulline (750mg)
  • Energy & Focus Complex, which contains Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI (375mg), N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (250mg), Caffeine (175mg) and Citrus Bioflavonoids Complex (100mg)


  • Caffeine is easy to tolerate
  • Rich in vitamins
  • High amount of creatine for long-lasting energy
  • Provide an additional boost to your recovery


  • No BCAAs included
  • The taste may be too sweet for some because of artificial sweeteners
  • You might feel itching afterward

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#5 C4 Sport Pre Workout

C4 Sport Pre Workout


C4 Sport is one of the most popular pre-workout by Cellucor, a company based in Bryan, Texas. It has proprietary blends so we don’t know how much of each ingredient it contains except caffeine. It is not as good as its other C4 pre-workouts, but it is definitely one of the cheapest pre-workouts in the supplement industry which is trusted by pro athletes. It improves physical performance in the gym by providing decent energy and endurance in high-intensity workouts.

Ideal for: This pre-workout is for beginners who have just started working out, but feels lethargic and tired during a workout.

Price: The current price of 30 servings container is $19.92 and one serving of C4 original pre-workout would cost you around 65 cents.


  • Calories (5), Carbohydrates (1g), Vitamin B6 (2%), Vitamin B12 (583%), Calcium (22mg), Magnesium (12mg), Sodium (60mg) and Potassium (20mg)
  • C4 Sport Performance Blend (4.9g), which contains Creatine monohydrate, Beta-alanine, Arginine, Sodium Citrate, Magnesium Chloride, Dipotassium Phosphate
  • C4 Sport Energy Blend, which contains Taurine, Caffeine (135mg), Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate, Methylcobalamin


  • Easy to tolerate caffeine
  • Provides decent energy and endurance
  • Sugar-free


  • Proprietary Blends
  • Taste is not that good

#6 Six Star Explosion Pre Workout


Six Star Explosion Pre Workout


Six Star is a brand name used by Muscletech to deliver low-cost supplements in the market. Six Star Explosion Pre-Workout may improve your energy in the gym, but there is hardly any proof of it improving endurance and strength. It will definitely give you moderate energy without any crash afterward. This is the sixth-best cheap pre-workout supplement in the market and it is the cheapest among all in this list.

Ideal for: Athletes who just want an energy boost to go through their workouts in the gym. For someone who is sensitive to caffeine, this pre-workout is one of the best options you have in this budget.

Price: The price of 30 servings container is $14.97 and one serving of Six star explosion pre-workout would cost you 49 cents.


  • Calories (10), Vitamin C (417%) and Niacin (30mg)
  • Beta-alanine (1500mg)
  • Creatine Monohydrate (1500mg)
  • L-arginine (1100mg)
  • Advanced Pump Complex (500mg), which contains Taurine, L-citrulline, L-citrulline malate and L-arginine HCI
  • Pre-Workout Explosion Blend (255mg), which contains Caffeine, Choline bitartrate and L-tyrosine


  • Affordable pre-workout
  • Improves energy
  • Tastes good


  • Proprietary Blends
  • Under-dosed ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions about Pre Workout

What is a Pre Workout Supplement?

Pre Workout Supplements are mostly in the powder form which is consumed to improve the physical performance in any physical activity.

Let’s keep it quite simple, pre-workout provides extra energy, strength, endurance and focus for a short period of time. It is usually consumed 15 minutes before doing any physical activity.

It is not just for bodybuilders or athletes, it is used by many footballers, sprinters, cyclists and the people like them to perform harder and achieve better results. It is used by both males and females.

What to Look for in a Pre Workout Supplement?

The foremost thing you should first decide is your goal, whether you need a pre-workout to improve your energy or endurance or for any other reason.

And, then the second thing is the ingredients that you need to look for in a pre-workout. But, there are several ingredients included in a pre-workout to improve your physical performance, what are the key ingredients which you need to look for in a pre-workout before buying it?

Here is the list of few important ingredients which you must check in a pre-workout supplement:

1. Caffeine

Caffeine is the most popular stimulant in a pre-workout. It helps you stay alert and focused and reduces fatigue during a workout. 

According to Food and Chemical Toxicology, the daily intake limit of caffeine is 400 milligrams. Beyond this amount, there might be adverse effects of caffeine.

2. Creatine

Research shows that it is the number one ingredient to increase muscle mass, strength and power [1].

But, creatine causes water retention which makes it more difficult to achieve that chiseled and lean physique especially for those who are preparing for a contest.

So, it totally depends upon your goals, whether you want to gain or lose weight.

3. Beta-alanine

Beta-alanine is most popular for causing that unusual tingling sensation over your skin, but it helps fight muscle fatigue.

It is an amino acid that improves physical performance during weight training. In short, it increases endurance to hit that last rep in the gym.

4. Citrulline

Citrulline is an amino acid that may boost nitric oxide in the body. This will widen your blood vessels which will allow more blood flow, nutrients and oxygen to be transported to the muscles. 

More blood into the muscles will give you a better muscle pump. It has also been shown that citrulline may help to increase endurance.

5. BCAAs

The branched-chain amino acid (BCAAs) consists of three essential amino acids- Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. The BCAAs may improve endurance and reduce fatigue and muscle soreness.

Should You take a Pre Workout Supplement?

Many people feel tired and lethargic in the gym which makes it quite impossible for them to even complete a workout. Pre-workout are not steroids, they are just a blend of few ingredients that are designed to improve your energy and endurance.

However, there are also few people who don’t need a pre-workout supplement to go to the gym, they don’t feel any lack of energy. It should not necessarily be included in your supplement stack, it depends upon people to people and their bodily requirements.

What are the Side Effects of a Pre Workout Supplement?

You hardly find any pre-workout without side effects. Some are serious while some are more serious. Each pre-workout has some side effects attached to it.

The side effects of a pre-workout are tingling sensation, jitters, insomnia, upset stomach, and rapid heartbeat. A tingling sensation over your skin is quite normal in a pre-workout and it is harmless.

To avoid sleeplessness, make sure not to consume a pre-workout supplement within 3-4 hours of bedtime.

However, if you feel any other side effects, I would recommend you to immediately stop taking a pre-workout and consult your doctor. There might be a chance that that particular pre-workout supplement is not suiting you.

How to Take a Pre Workout Supplement?

There is a detailed instruction available on the label of each pre-workout about how and when to use it. It is highly advisable to just follow those instructions carefully.

Generally, the pre-workout is consumed 15-25 minutes before going to the gym, but it varies from product to product.

It is always better to start a pre-workout with only half a scoop to assess the tolerance and once the tolerance has been assessed then you can increase the dose, but do not take it more than the recommended dose.

I hope you have liked our Best cheap pre-workout supplements guide, feel free to share your thoughts about this pre-workout. If you have any queries related to any supplement, you can ask us from here.